With OPTIM BUSINESS CENTER it's all advantages.

  • It allows a professional or a company to begin an activity or expansion of your business without initial investments and financial risk. It supposes an economic saving, at the time of investing in new premises, telephone, light, heating, furniture, hiring personnel, technology and other infrastructure.

  • It is equipped with modern facilities and technology of latest generation. Furnished offices in different sizes and configurable to measurements needed. Meeting room, reception zone, waiting zone, warehouse, vending and coffee-break zone, etc.

  • Absolute flexibility in contracting period (days, months, weeks, years) you only pay for the time you need, when you need it and where you need it.

  • Your office in an instant. Operative from the first day.

  • Support of a professional team multilingual, competent, experimented, and highly qualified.

  • No worries with daily matters. We take care of making the day to day managements, so that you can have all human and material resources in your business, making your time more profitable.

  • We contribute with an integral service, offering solutions to your needs and activities required.

  • Strategic location and easy access.

  • independence and privacy

  • It constitutes the ideal alternative to the conventional rent of offices.

  • Comparative expenses of a business center in front of a traditional office (75% of establishment costs can be saved.)