Optim Business Center

OPTIM Business Center is a new and modernly designed business center positioned as a unique enterprise space you can rent in the city of Barcelona.

It’s an innovative and functional multibusiness space prepared to offer what entrepreneurs, professionals, companies and institutions the means to make their work easier, making the most of your expenditures by minimizing costs and investments in infrastructure.

Our objective is to facilitate the initiation of a business, the beginning of a delegation or simply to be able to do necessary administrative duties for the implementation and development of enterprise activities.

For this purpose we are equipped with the latest technology, a dynamic and highly qualified personnel and services of great quality. In an immediate way, we put to your disposition an attended office. With or without your physical occupation
(Physical Office or virtual Office). Everything in a cozy atmosphere, and with an attractive design.

Services in our Business Center

Directed to people or companies that need:

  • To have a temporary or permanent office

  • To initiate an activity

  • To open a delegation or branch

  • To settle down in a new market

  • To transmit a professional image of its business (although working from home)

  • To give an endorsement to your office (redirection of calls, etc.)

No matter what kind of business you do, sector to which you belong or type of business (multinational, small or medium company, company of new creation, organism, institution, independent liberal professional, freelance) with OPTIM BUSINESS CENTER you will find all the advantages you need, a dynamic and qualified professional staff, giving the best support to your activities, in an immediate way and with total flexibility.