• Why is it better to contract an office in Optim Business Center instead of opening one by my account?

    1. Because it is faster, practical and totally furnished and equipped with the latest technology (connection to Internet, air conditioning individualized, Telephone lines, etc)

    2. Because I dispose of professionals highly qualified, that belonging already to the group of Optim Business Center avoids me the necessity to contract own personnel.

    3. Because I have at my disposition the innovating tools and the most advanced services to use them in an immediate way.

    4. I only have to “turn my key” of my physical or virtual office and all the personnel of Optim Business Center begins to work immediately for me.

  • ¿Is it more expensive than a traditional office?

    1. At first sight it may give the impression, but if I reconsider it, I realize that:

    If I rented an office by my account, I would have to assume all the water costs, Electricity, heating, air conditioning, gas, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, cleaning, fulfillment of security and hygiene norms, expenses of community, purchase of furniture, installation of the minimum necessary infrastructure (Telephone lines, Internet, purchase of computers, fax, printer, etc) including all the additional expenses that represents contracting personnel to cover 12 hours of reception daily.

    After asking you all these questions and see the amount that this would represent, ¿ don’t you think it is better and more beneficial to hire your office at Optim Business Center instead of hire your own office.

  • If I only need someone to answer the telephone, because I work at home ( or anywhere else), why should I contract Optim Business Center?

    In this case, you need our service for the telephone attention. This service is a customized service of attention and turned aside of calls, with no need to have a physical office and with a total freedom of movement, the team of professionals of Optim Business Center will answer the telephone for you, giving an excellent image of your business.