In OPTIM BUSINESS CENTER we offer you care and/or diversion of your calls in a personalized way, Monday through Friday in an uninterrupted schedule from 8:30 to 20:00 hours. An extremely efficient service which will improve the corporate image of your business.


  • Assigning a phone number exclusively for use as your own.

  • Answering calls with the personalized name of your company, in three languages (Catalan, Castilian, English).

  • Receipt and notification of messages by our staff according to your instructions.

  • Personalized and individualized voicemail.

  • Details of all telephone calls (time of call, duration, call type, concentration of calls).

Call Forwarding:

  • Diverting your phone calls to our switchboard during your absence or in summer. We deal with your calls and take note of your messages according to your instructions.

  • Diverting incoming calls, to any of our switchboard telephone number, national or international.